Pretty in Pink is a collaborative exhibition featuring the work of Dodd undergraduates, Catie Cook and Sarah Landmesser, that explores notions and contradiction of femininity and feminism within their individual work. Through their use of glitter, bright pink colors, wovens, or disco balls, the artists playfully poke-fun and revel in the hyper-feminine, both posing and critiquing. As a textile artist, Landmesser’s work inherently explores long held traditions of “women’s work”, aligning textiles with craft. In her paintings, Cook finds herself irresistibly drawn to 1960s Hollywood cinema and the French New Wave. Despite the sometimes darker cultural context surrounding this period, the movies of this era were filled with glamour and opulence. Depicting gorgeous, but often helpless objectified women, part of her fascination with these films is the conflicting nature of her adoration of these movies and her feminist ideals. Together, Cook and Landmesser create work that creates a large dialogue on the ways in which we read and perform femininity in our current period. 
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